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Career Counseling? For me?

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  • In short, yes! Growing up, most of us didn’t receive a fair amount of career advice before looking for a job or even before entering college. When you were an adolescent and young adult, you probably had experience in different jobs here and there, but how prepared were you when you had to choose which career to pursue for the first time? How prepared were you when you faced your first work-related problem? Whether these milestones have already passed you by or not, a career counselor, or “coach”, can still be beneficial to you.

    A career counselor offers a variety of services that are beneficial to people of all ages who are searching for a career or currently employed. Career counseling is offered through different mediums such as privately-owned companies, universities and colleges, etc. Each service is different and each counselor is different. Your first career counselor may not jive with you, and that’s fine. Like with any counselor, it’s a smart idea to test out more than one before you find the one from whom you benefit most.


    What happens on my first visit?

    Many career counselors offer the option for you to take a test—personality test, career aptitude test, etc.—so that they can better understand you before guiding your decisions. Your first visit will vary depending on how the counselor wishes to organize your meetings. They may vary in topic and length of time. For the most part, career counseling is very open and focused on you. It is an open forum designed for you are able to express your interests, skills, setbacks, dreams, along with your desired location, salary, position, etc.


    Why is career counseling helpful?

    Career counseling can equip you with tools and resources in order to reach out to people in the field, find networking events in your area, and set up interviews and meetings with potential employers. They also help you set goals that are convenient to your schedule in order to advance in your career search. A career counselor is also available to help answer questions and problems from your current job.


    Who benefits most from career counseling?

    Whether you are currently employed or still searching, career counseling can be beneficial to you. Not only do they help you find direction while searching for a career, but career counselors also offer help to those who are facing a hard time with their current job. Things come up and sometimes you need a hand. There may be times when you will face a tough decision at work and you may need advice about how to consider your options. There may be times when work relationships pose challenging conflicts. There may also be times when you need help utilizing your strengths more effectively in the workplace. While approaching these different hurdles, it is nice to know that there is a career coach available for you who can better prepare you to land the jump smoothly. These hurdles come in different forms and come at different times. Career counselors can advise you before you start the race or while the race is underway. Either way, these coaches are available for you.


    Molly McShea works at StrengthsInsight as a Marketing Strategist. A former varsity athlete at Georgetown University, she has a passion for linguistics, learning new things and discovering more about the world.


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