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Top 5 Best Job Search Sites

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  • If you’re beginning the process of job searching but don’t know where to start, here are some great websites to help you out. There are so many websites used to search for job openings and career ideas, and many of them you have already heard about.  We have listed out the top 5 services along with some honorable mentions.  Included in the list are some sites that target special fields.  So if you’re interested in narrowing down your search to simply science-related careers, non-profits, jobs overseas, working in an environment-friendly company, etc., read about what we voted as the top five career search sites that will make your search more efficient.   

    Monster: Monster is helpful for those who are drafting their first resume, who are looking for their first job, as well as for those who are transitioning from one job to the next.  They offer advice on how to structure a resume, what to put on it, and how to make it searchable for employers.  Its narrows your job search according to job title, keywords, and preferred location.  Furthermore, it offers career advice and resources to aid the process. http://www.monster.com/?re=nv_gh_monsterLogo_%2F

    ReWork: ReWork makes your search much easier!  All you have to do is submit your resume and information through their website, and the rest is on them.  They have someone evaluate your profile thoroughly and match you to a career field that fits your provided information.  Once you are reviewed, your name is sent out and spread to different companies with job openings for which you would be a suitable candidate.  Organizations can also use ReWork to find, and potentially hire, candidates for a position they need.  This site works for both sides of the job search process and takes a lot of work off of your hands! http://rework.jobs/

    Give-to-Get Jobs: This site heavily emphasizes the notion of “giving back.” They match your profile with for-profit and non-profit jobs that also give back.  This site has hopes for you along the way.  They list three of these on their site: First, they hope to develop a passion in you for giving back.  Secondly, they wish to spark your interest in “social enterprise, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability.” Lastly, they hope to inspire you to live responsibly and make useful contributions to society via your career.  But that’s not all.  Every time someone signs up to use their program, they donate to job training and education missions universally.  http://www.givetogetjobs.com/about.htm

    Indeed/SimplyHired: These are two very similar sites that are great for searching for any job—specific or not. The available positions that they offer come from job boards, company sites, and the web. The small difference between the two is that whereas SimplyHired is helpful only for those who are looking for a job, Indeed is a handy website for the unemployed and the employers!  If you’re looking for a job, you can search through job title, keywords or a company name and then narrow your results by entering in the city in which you’d like to work.  Making an account is helpful (and free) because it allows you to save job postings under “My Jobs” as well as post your resume for employers to read.  This segues into how Indeed is helpful for employers as well. Employers can post an ad for their available position as well as search for resumes online that have already been posted by people interested in work.  Employers can search for a candidate and funnel their findings according to location and field of work. http://www.indeed.com/ , http://www.simplyhired.com/

    Pathways to Science: Visit this site if you are interested in STEM fields! It is useful for students, teachers, undergrads, grad students, postdocs, faculty members and administration who are looking for jobs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  You can first navigate the site by selecting your level of experience (listed above).  Then you can access great advice that is tailored to your stage of experience: student, teacher, undergrad, grad student, postdoc, or faculty and administration.  You’ll find job and internship postings as well as a “resource toolbox” that provides tips on successfully taking the next step.http://www.pathwaystoscience.org/index.asp

    Honorable Mentions:

    Betts Recruiting: Betts Recruiting is like a dating service for people and careers.  The people at Betts personally meet with an individual and assess their personality, interests and resume.  From there, they match the candidate with the best career choice for him/her.  What limits Betts is that it mostly focuses on jobs with tech start-ups including marketing, sales, and business development. http://bettsrecruiting.com/about-us/

    Another start-up search site is StartUpHire, which looks for exceptional talent and matches it with innovative companies. http://www.startuphire.com/dashboard/

    BeyondBeyond is a great (and free) website that does more than simply pump out job opportunities…it goes “beyond” that.  While you can use it to search for job opportunities, you can also design your own personal home page, make a career portfolio to promote yourself, and form connections within your desired work field.  How?  They have a wide range of “communities” that you have the option to join, that include thousands of career connections under the title of that community.  Furthermore, they offer a free personality assessment to help you identify your ideal career, a “salary center” and resume-writing tips.  http://www.beyond.com/

    Cyber-Sierra: Cyber-Sierra is a center for natural resources, forestry and conservation. Their website posts the latest employment opportunities as well as ways to reach out and offer relief to people who need clean water, shelter, etc.  It lists jobs in categories such as forestry, agriculture, government, nonprofits, and more.  It also provides tools that help you find extra training, in order to: improve your hiring chances, to calculate your moving expenses, to build a strong resume, and more! http://www.cyber-sierra.com/nrjobs/index.html

    BrightBright is useful for job recruiters and job seekers! You have to set up an account in order to access their knowledge, but the account is free.  Once you’ve done that, you upload your resume, and type in your preferred career field or keyword and location.  It specifies your location down to the exact city and then shows you your results.  The results are pulled from Yahoo! Sponsored listings.    http://www.bright.com/home

    Enternships: Enternships is an up-and-coming company that serves to reveal internships and job opportunities in all fields.   www.Enternships.com


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