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The Interview: A Cheat Sheet!

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  • Every interview is different, but after a while you begin to hear the same questions. Each interview I’ve had presented its own challenges. Luckily, there was some consistency within the questions that gave me a slight advantage. For this post I’ve compiled a list of three questions to expect during your job search.

    1.  What experience do you have that makes you suitable for this position? Some variation of this question will be presented to you regardless of the position. For me, transferable skills are gold. Working in retail in the beginning of my work career gave me a staple within my skill set. Customer service has helped me in my journey from student radio to my current post in event planning.  I handle any tasks required of me and I do it all within a reasonable time frame. Isn’t that what most employers look for anyway? Think about your past experiences, even duties that seemed mundane, and cross reference them with the skills required of you in new opportunities. The point is to not just sell an idea, but the fact that you’re there asking for the position for a reason.

    2.   What are your weaknesses? In my last post, I addressed that an interview is a time to discuss how you can turn your weaknesses into triumphs. I’ve learned the best way to tackle this question is by providing an example of when your “weakness” worked in your favor. I ruminate over details constantly. Some may find that time consuming, but I think an extra 10 minutes (or 45 for that matter) is less trouble than going back to correct an error you might have missed. So in reality, I’ve not only saved face, but saved my employer some time. Allow your weakness to save the day. Give it a cape and let your diligence do the rest!

    3. Do you have any questions to ask me? This question is great. One, it marks the conclusion of your mild interrogation. Two, it means it’s your turn! Here, you get to find out if the job will be a good fit for you. This question may seem easy enough, but if you haven’t researched the organization, it’ll show. Not everyone is out there applying for their dream job right now. But you still need to demonstrate that you’re interested in the position enough to have more than one question. Instead of asking how much you get paid, find out what were some of the interviewer’s most rewarding experiences with the company. Remain genuine and always exude confidence!

    Emiley Mallory is a freelance journalist who recently graduated into the real world. Currently, she is a contributing blogger for StrengthsInsight and freelancing for an event planning team at a major television network. She is using her posts at StrengthsInsight to foster inspiration and informative content for young people full of goals and great potential.

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