Employ Insight

Our Mission

EmployInsight was founded with the mission to enable organizations to build engaged workforces and to allow individuals to better understand their strengths. EmployInsight helps organizations quantify, measure, and unlock psychological, emotional, and cognitive resources. By capturing, assessing and planning these resources in the workplace, companies can ensure that people are engaged in work they love. This can be utilized in hiring, performance management, organizational development, and beyond. EmployInsight’s platform is also used by individuals who want to better understand their strengths and how to most effectively apply themselves in their work. People are more than their resume, and EmployInsight allows individuals and organizations to quantify these soft skills.

Our Product

EmployInsight’s hiring product (HireInsight) allows organizations to hire people who have the emotional and character strengths required for specific jobs and specific teams. Using HireInsight, companies are able to build customized job character strengths profiles that make it easier to screen, interview, and hire candidates that will be engaged and love their work. Psychological research by Martin Seligman and Chris Peterson demonstrates that the using your strengths leads to increased happiness and fulfillment. HireInsight allows organizations to leverage this in order to hire people who will be engaged with their work.

Our Story

EmployInsight was co-founded by current CEO Sean Glass, whose first company, Higher One, went public in 2010 (NYSE: ONE). Glass is also a venture partner at Novak Biddle and is the founder of the Yale Entrepreneurial Society. In addition, he is an alum of the University of Pennsylvania Masters in Applied Positive Pscyhology Program. The EmployInsight team includes executives and engineers with experience from IMG, Microsoft, Boston Consulting Group, and the University of Pennsylvania Master in Applied Positive Psychology program.


EmployInsight’s Board of Advisors includes various high profile HR leaders including:  Shail Khiyara (former CMO of Taleo), Dan Bowling (former SVP of HR at Coca-Cola), Paul Daoust (Former Interim CEO of Salary.com), William Tincup (Co-Founder of Starr Tincup), and Charles Handler (President of rocket-hire).


Investors include Founder Collective, Launch Capital, Sean Glass, Phil Bronner, Jarrod Yuster, David Cohen,  Gus Fuldner, and more.

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