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Applicant Screening

Discover Character Strengths of Your Applicants

EmployInsight allows you to maximize your employee’s full potential by measuring emotional, psychological, and cognitive resources. Job applicants answer a series of questions about themselves, unearthing what their core character strengths are. This generates a visual profile, allowing for easy side-by-side comparison with other potential job candidates. This data gives you a quantitative measure of how well a candidate’s strengths are a fit with the position. This results in an increase in engagement as employees who use their strengths at work are happier, more productive, and turnover less.

Job Profiling

Character Strengths Based Job Profiling

By answering a short set of questions, HR and management collaborate to develop a comprehensive job profile and gain an understanding of the type of candidate who would best suit the position.

Interview Guide

Custom-Tailored Behavioral Interview Guides

Ask the right questions by using the behavioral interview guide generated from an applicant’s character strengths results. This feature allows you to structure your interview to each applicant and generate informed answers by asking informed questions.


Filter Applications for Job Fit

EmployInsight allows you to quickly narrow your applicant pool by showing you which candidates are the best fit for the position based on their character strengths.

Job Matching

Quantitative Engagement Matching

EmployInsight allows you to match up a candidate’s top character strengths with the strengths necessary for a position. By enabling you to identify the candidates that best fit the position, we ensure that your workforce will remain focused, engaged, productive, and more importantly, happy.

Hire for Engagement

Hire Employees who will Be Engaged with their Work

EmployInsight gives you the tools to match people to the jobs where they will excel.

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Hire Engaged Employees

Use EmployInsight to hire employees who will love what they do. Quantify the strengths of your applicants and define the strengths needed for a job.

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