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Sean Glass

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Executive Chairman/Co-Founder
Sean is an entrepreneur, investor, and believer in the power of people. He is currently a Venture Partner at Novak Biddle Venture Partners. Sean graduated from Yale with a B.S. in Engineering Sciences, where he helped found the Yale Entrepreneurial Society. He later co-founded the online financial services firm, Higher One. Higher One went public in 2010 (NYSE:ONE). After leaving Higher One, Sean lived In London while working on Pikum, a social gaming business backed by Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. Sean also has an M.A. in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Sean is also a co-founder of EmployInsight.
Favorite ice cream: Blue Curacao

Keen Browne

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Prior to EmployInsight, Keen founded and served as CTO of ECitySky Ltd. Based in Beijing, China, ECitySky built and operated social games and entertainment for the Chinese market. Before Keen’s time in China he worked at Microsoft, first as a Developer Evangelist in San Francisco, and later as a Program Manager at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, WA. His work enhanced several products including Windows, SQL Server, Visual Studio and .NET and connected Microsoft more closely with developers who use Microsoft’s platform technologies.

Favorite ice cream: Mexican Chocolate from Mitchell’s in San Francisco

Mark Hammond

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Mark brings both a deep technical and rich entrepreneurial background to EmployInsight. A Caltech alumnus, he has worked extensively for the industry giant Microsoft, as well as numerous startups covering everything from enterprise software (iSpheres) to consumer fitness products (Perfect Fitness). His passion for neuroscience and better understanding our own human nature led him to work for the neurobiology department at Yale, Numenta, Attensity, and now EmployInsight where he is applying the latest research to help our customers create a more engaging, satisfying, and fulfilling workplace.

Favorite ice cream: Häagen-Dazs Chocolate

Adam Falla

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Adam is an experienced technology finance and business development executive. He previously worked at IMG and Nomura where he managed finance, sales and development across the EMEA region, and served as a business analyst and consultant on global marketing initiatives for blue chip clients. Adam is the CFO of EmployInsight and also building our business in Europe from our base in London.

Favorite ice cream: Mint Chocolate Chip (Semi-Melted)

Shane Arney

Software Engineer
Shane was first exposed to programming while playing with his TI-86 calculator in high school math. An interest in physics brought him to Caltech, but a greater interest in 3D graphics led to a switch to computer science. After college he joined NextEngine and helped launch the NextEngine 3D Scanner. A personal interest in psychology and life goal of achieving happiness made EmployInsight an inevitable destination. When not coding Shane is a rabid sports fan, runs and plays ultimate frisbee for exercise, and has been known to play the guitar occasionally.
Favorite ice cream: Cookies & Cream

Matt Haigh

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Software Engineer
Matt’s passion for coding began while he was a student at Caltech. There, he managed to learn enough about computers and software to graduate with a degree in Computer Science and a job offer from Microsoft. He then moved to Seattle where he spent six years working for Microsoft and spent his free time snowboarding, skiing, cycling, reading and playing video games. After Microsoft, he took an extended vacation to pursue his dream of skiing and snowboarding over a hundred days in a single winter. Somewhere amidst all that powder snow he decided to join a web startup, and now he’s a member of the EmployInsight team.

Favorite ice cream: Moose Tracks

Doug von Kohorn

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Software Engineer
Doug started speaking binary poetry to his computer at a young age. Realizing his talents bridged the gap between man and machine, his family happily provided the means to pursue a degree in Computer Science. After relocating to sunny San Francisco for a brief stint at Yahoo!, Doug realized the importance of happiness at work. When he’s not coding for a happier future, Doug frequents comedy clubs, mountains, and his local machine shop.
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